Class ListAssetsRequest



asset_ids?: string

Asset IDs. Should start with asset, be alphanumeric, -, or _ characters.

asset_type?: AssetType | AssetType[]

AssetType - one of the valid asset types, including 'file', 'checkpoint', 'lora', and 'textual_inversion'.

data_type?: DataType

DataType, including fp16, fp32, int4, and int8.

engine?: BaseEngine | BaseEngine[]

BaseEngine of assets such as "image/stable-diffusion-v1-5"

is_public?: boolean

Whether to filter for public assets, such as looking for octoai public assets.

limit?: number

Max number of assets to return.

name?: string

Asset name, alphanumeric, -, and _ allowed.

offset?: number

Where to start including next list of assets

owner?: string

ID of owner. Can set to octoai and is_public to true to search octoai public assets.

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