Type alias Tune

Tune: {
    created_at: string;
    deleted_at?: string | null;
    description: string;
    details: LoraTune_Output | NullTune;
    id: string;
    name: string;
    output_lora_ids: string[];
    result?: TuneResult | null;
    status: TuneStatus;
    status_details: string;
    succeeded_at?: string | null;
    tenant_id: string;
    tune_type: TuneType;
    updated_at: string;

A tune base class.

Type declaration

  • created_at: string

    The time this LoRA tune was created.

  • Optional deleted_at?: string | null

    The time this LoRA tune was deleted.

  • description: string

    The description of the tune.

  • details: LoraTune_Output | NullTune

    Tune details.

  • id: string

    The ID of the LoRA tune.

  • name: string

    The name of the tune.

  • output_lora_ids: string[]

    The output LoRA IDs, if the task was successful.

  • Optional result?: TuneResult | null

    Tune result.

  • status: TuneStatus

    The status of the associated task.

  • status_details: string

    The details of the status, only used when the associated task failed.

  • Optional succeeded_at?: string | null

    The time the LoRA tune succeeded.

  • tenant_id: string

    The tenant who requested the LoRA tune.

  • tune_type: TuneType

    The type of this tune.

  • updated_at: string

    The time this LoRA tune was updated.

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